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live afternoon music with Matthew Griswold

Performing songwriter Matthew Griswold, made the transition

rom US Army Soldier to Professional Songwriter/Musician in 2008

and has been going full force ever since. After a short stint in Nashville

and quickly securing a publishing deal with Universal Music,

Matthew headed home to Minnesota and returned "for good" to his native

land while he began to write and record songs for Film and TV projects.

Though every songwriter dreams of a chance that they will

one day sign to a major publishing deal and have millions of people

hear their songs around he world, Matthew's true passion

was being the "personal messenger". So, he began to dedicate the time

between writing songs to going ou and performing for people in

a rapidly growing market of restaurants, brewpubs and taprooms

around the northern midwest. He found a natural comfort in providing

these more casual crowds with a well crafted soundscape to pair with

their evening muses. As an artist who never desired "fame'', this was a

much better fit for him over the spotlight heat of nightclubs.