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live music on the patio with Sasha Mercedes

Sasha Mercedes is a chick-singer, guitarist and songwriter from the shores of Lake Superior. She is an entertainer. She writes songs whose honesty and substance are easy for her fans to relate to and she sings them with passion and conviction, which make her performances nothing short of riveting. She tackles issues which may cause unease, but she approaches them with class and style. Topics like brothels, one-night stands and transvestites are not taboo for this edgy yet charming northern gal. Her stage presence is captivating. She has a set of pipes that always turns heads, as she beats her guitar, in her signature percussive style. Mercedes has released 3 solo albums and is currently wrapping up a fourth, which is being produced by Ken Valdez. She has traveled from coast to coast and abroad, performing and drawing inspiration out of every experience, which make for the material in her brilliantly crafted compositions. She has shared the stage with Dar Williams, Tracy Bonham, Guy Davis, Pete Seeger, and many others as she wanders... making new friends and fans along her colorful journey.